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Let’s imagine…

It’s a nice Saturday morning – a perfect day to do some yard work, maybe rake some leaves.  Your rake is broken though, so you need to run down to your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store and buy a new one.

You have your toddler with you and you’re walking around the store.  You come onto a dog (kind of strange, actually) and assume it’s safe for your child to pet it.

Well, last week in California, a dog attacked a three-year-old boy in Lowe’s.  The boy needed dozens of stitches after being attacked in the jaw, neck, head and right eye.

Security footage at Lowe’s helped identify the dog, Chester, and its owner, Robert Kahn.

The parent of the child bitten should, and hopefully did, seek legal help immediately.

The dog owner, Kahn, is obviously liable and a lawyer would need to prove so.

Before this attack, Chester had bitten children of ages three and five in October and November but the attacks were not reported as neither child needed to go to the hospital.  However, this served as sufficient notice that Chester was aggressive around children and needed a higher standard of care around people.

However, Kahn took Chester to a crowded store and didn’t properly control him. This is negligence on Kahn’s behalf that would need to be proven.

In order for the child to recover compensation, Kahn must have insurance.  If he owns a home with a mortgage, then he does, but if he’s a renter, then he probably doesn’t.

Personally, I would also consider a claim against Lowe’s for failure to provide proper security.  The store’s management let a dangerous dog in and had the whole thing on video! Security should have intervened to stop it.

Dog attacks, such as this example in California, are common in Memphis as well. When you’ve been injured by a dog, you need the dog attack lawyer Memphis, TN knows and trusts with its cases.

As if the physical and emotional pain of the dog attacks aren’t enough, the medical bills and therapy costs can sky-rocket.

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