Today the New York Times reported that the debt collection industry is sick and tired of you.

That’s right – they’re tired of you hounding them and calling them names, not paying attention to them, and not showing any respect for them as the decent people they are.

Sound familiar?

Having worked in bankruptcy law for over 30 years, we have seen clients insulted, manipulated, nagged, and intruded upon too many times to count. Creditors can and will call people’s homes from morning to night. Sometimes they don’t even call the right person, so their hounding and rude comments fall on someone who doesn’t actually owe any money. Other times they might use your social networking to contact your friends and family, embarrassing you and violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When they invade your privacy using demeaning language, racial slurs and swear words, they aren’t showing you respect. They are treating the you like a non-person.

It is possible to protect yourself and your family from a collector’s intrusions and abuse. Bankruptcy can help you do that. Please consider scheduling a consultation with our team of bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN families trust today, so that we can help to ensure that your options are as informed as possible.

Bankruptcy means your creditors have to go through your attorney. That’s right: they are cast away from your dinner table conversations and Facebook page. No more threats or insults. That is one of the most amazing things about bankruptcy – legal protection for you and your family from further harassment.

Contact us today to let us worry about the creditors for you.