By: Darrell Castle

It’s common to feel delayed pain after a car accident.

You may refuse medical treatment at the scene of your wreck because you honestly aren’t in pain. Minus a few bumps and bruises, you’re alright.

But what happens when the days pass and you begin to feel back pain? Can you do anything then?

Well, first off, you should go to the doctor! Don’t let this new found pain worsen. There’s a good chance it’s related to the car accident. Go and find out what’s wrong.

Then you should contact a car accident attorney because you may be entitled to compensation.

Why should you contact a car accident attorney?

Delayed pain is actually very common in car accidents. The shock and confusion of the actual collision can numb you of the pain and you may not notice it until later on. Or it could just be a delayed injury, which is common – especially with back injuries.

However, that delayed pain could be a result of a serious injury. It could be an injury that’ll require surgery. It could be an injury that’ll require consistent treatment. It could even be an injury that worsens and eventually disables you or causes you to be less capable at work.

And if your injury is that serious, you should be compensated apopriately.

A car accident attorney will investigate your case detail by detail, determine you weren’t at fault and then examine your damages and medical expenses to determine how much compensation you’re entitled to. That attorney will then fight to make sure you get that compensation.

Our team of personal injury attorneys can help

For decades, our team of personal injury attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates has handled car accident cases of all shapes and sizes. You’re not just a case number here, but you’re a real person with a real problem. And it’s a problem we can help you with. It’s a problem we WANT to help you with.

And that’s why our clients like us. We care. That’s why we’ve received multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbel for client satisfaction. We’re detailed, responsive and relentless. You’re in good hands here. At Darrell Castle & Associates you can find an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts who gets positive results.

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Car Accident Checklist

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