By: Darrell Castle

Here’s a story that exemplifies the importance of hiring a detailed bankruptcy attorney.

Money got tight for Ashley. The credit card bills piled up and she had some medical bills she wasn’t able to pay.

As months continued to pass by, creditor after creditor continued calling her, harassing her at all times of the day and night. She was paying all of the money she could — at least enough that still allowed her to make her rent payments, pay her car note and have some money to eat on.

But that wasn’t enough! The creditors continued to call! They wanted their money. But she was doing the best she could. She was stressed. She was worried. This was NOT the kind of life she wanted to live. She was TIRED.

So, she searched for a bankruptcy attorney. And she found a firm that claimed they’d file her case for cheap and she contacted them.

Fast-forward a couple of days and everything was going smooth. She went in to speak to the attorney, signed her retainer and filed her case! She was surprised the meeting with the attorney didn’t last too long and she wasn’t asked too many questions, but she was ready to get this debt off her shoulders. She wanted that fresh start. She was feeling good!

Fast-forward a few weeks later, and Ashley’s case was dismissed by the bankruptcy court.


Well, Ashley’s attorney wasn’t thorough enough. The process (remember the quick meeting mentioned before?) was rushed. Her attorney rushed the process, and because of that, didn’t pay attention to the details of the case. And certain information and documents weren’t submitted, which led to the case dismissal.

Now, Ashley’s fresh financial start is going to be put on hold. It’s frustrating, and it could’ve been avoided.

What you get with the bankruptcy attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates

Ashley isn’t a real person, but her story represents the experience many people go through.

When considering bankruptcy, it’s important to shop for quality, not price. You want the best experience. You want an HONEST experience. And that typically doesn’t come “cheap.”

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we don’t disclose the price to file your bankruptcy until your initial consultation, face to face. Pricing can vary from person to person depending on different debts and wants.

When a bankruptcy attorney tells you up front that he or she can file your case for cheap, be prepared for hidden fees throughout the process.

When OUR attorneys tell you what your fee will be in our initial consultation, you can feel confident that WILL BE your fee.

You can also feel confident that you’ll get quality work for that fee. Our attorneys are experienced and detailed. And our law firm has a great reputation with the court.

Here, you aren’t treated as a case number, but you’re treated as a REAL person with a REAL problem. And that’s why our clients like us. That’s why we’ve received multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbell for client satisfaction.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, or would like to explore other options around resolving your debt, please call a leading bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN residents have been relying on for over a decade.

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Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

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