When responding to calls, police are allowed to break certain rules. The law permits them to speed, run red lights, and relate to other drivers on the road differently, as long as they do not endanger anyone else on the road. Usually when drivers hear the sirens or see the flashing lights, they will get out of the way, give the police full access of the road, and use caution.

But what happens when those sirens don’t blare and the lights don’t flash? How can the public protect themselves then?

A recent and tragic accident that took the lives of two people shows the worst case scenario: a speeding police officer struck a car carrying four people as he attempted to respond to a call for backup. The crash killed the two backseat passengers and severely injured the driver and other passenger.

According to witnesses, the officer did not have sirens or lights running at the time of the accident. Mayor Wharton has launched an investigation into the crash and has called for increased GPS technology to help prevent dangerous police driving.

The deadly crash inspired outcry from many Memphians who claim they see reckless police driving all the time – especially speeding.

Negligent or careless activity behind the wheel is unacceptable no matter what. Police officers are not protected by sovereign immunity. If they cause your car accident, they’re just as liable as anyone else. And if you were injured in that accident, you still need to call a car accident lawyer in Memphis to make sure you get compensation.


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(Photo by Adrian van Leen)