When do I need an SSDI lawyer? Do I need one at all?

If you struggle with a disability that keeps you from working, you may be asking, “Do I need an SSDI lawyer?” Social Security Disability can be complicated and frustrating, so it makes sense you may be wondering if you need legal help.

In this video, Memphis SSDI attorney Darrell Castle explains when you want to retain an SSDI attorney and why:


Video Transcript:

You may be wondering if you need an SSDI lawyer. Well, you do, if you want your appeal to be successful, because virtually everyone is denied on their initial application. Then you have 60 days to appeal, and if you want that appeal to be successful, you need an attorney to:

  • determine the statutes
  • coordinate medical reports with statutes
  • essentially, to give the appeals judge what they need to rule in your favor

So yes, you do need to have an SSDI attorney if you want to have a successful appeal.

If you do need an SSDI attorney, call my office. We’ll be glad to help any time. The conversation is free.

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