By: Darrell Castle

Did you spend 2014 putting off your financial troubles hoping they’d go away?

Well, they often don’t go away unless you do something. In fact, your situation will likely worsen if you don’t do anything. Procrastination and inactivity lead to no where good. To make a change you have to get up and do something!

The new year presents a great opportunity and new motivation to get up and do something! Stop being inactive. Stop putting your problems off. Do something now!

If you’re struggling financially with debt you just can’t pay, our free financial consultation at Darrell Castle & Associates is perfect for you.

You may not want to file for bankruptcy. You may not think it’s right for you. You may be scared of it. But odds are – at least this is what I think – you don’t really know what bankruptcy is and what it can TRULY do for you.

By filing for bankruptcy, you can rid yourself of that debt eating away at your life by discharging all of your dischargeable debts through a Chapter 7 or by lumping your debts into an affordable payment plan through a Chapter 13. Each chapter comes with its own qualifications and benefits.

Chapter 7 is a straight bankruptcy. It’s a quick discharge of your unsecured debts like credit card and medical bills. Most of the time you can even keep your property – like your car or home – as long as you’re current on your payments.

Chapter 13 is a reorganization of your debts into a 3-5 year repayment plan. If you’re behind on your house or car payments, you can put that debt into a Chapter 13 with your other debts and keep your property! This is an AFFORDABLE payment plan in which you’ll greatly increase your week to week cash flow which will help you live a better life.

An attorney can help better explain these benefits as well as the qualifications for each Chapter. When you call our bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN families place their trust in, our knowledgeable lawyers can explain to you the bankruptcy process and answer any questions you might have.

Once the bankruptcy is complete, you’re free of that debt and have a clean slate. This fresh start provides a unique opportunity to begin rebuilding your credit score to a desired rating. We can help you with that by providing you access to a great credit restoration program, 7 Steps to a 720. Our clients gain free access!

By scheduling an appointment to see one of our bankruptcy attorneys, you can sit down and go over your finances, tell your story and discuss your best options moving forward. At the very least, you’ll get an honest evaluation of your financial picture and see how bad your debt really is. For free.

Schedule your appointment today by calling (901) 327-2100 or by filling out one of the contact forms on this page.

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