A few weeks ago, I discussed Dallas’ dog problem and the way in which the city has struggled to get it under control after a shocking death.

In researching this issue, the Dallas Morning News reported that “almost 8 in 10 dog bites happen in neighborhoods with below-average household incomes. And close to three-quarters of victims were black or Latino.”

As a Memphis dog bite lawyer, I’ve seen how these attacks disproportionately affect minority communities. The numbers play out similarly in Memphis, and for a number of reasons:

  • Wealthier, often white, neighborhoods can afford better animal control.
  • Surgery to spay or neuter one pet can cost about $100, which is prohibitive in poorer communities.
  • Even when available for free, spay-and-neuter isn’t as common a practice in some areas and would require public outreach to make happen, which also costs money.

And then along with all these problems, poorer victims struggle more when tragedy strikes. A dog attack can cause terrible injuries and even death, and if God forbid someone is attacked, it can be financially as well as physically devastating. As a dog attack lawyer Memphis, TN has trusted for years, we’ve been instrumental in creating a more just system for dealing with dangerous dogs.

This is a grave injustice, and it often requires the courts to make sure victims get what they need in order to recover.

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