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Examples of Elderly Abuse

By: Darrell Castle

According to the Commercial Appeal, a Memphis caregiver was arrested after he punched a patient over a bag of chips – another elderly abuse case here in Shelby County.

According to police, the incident happened last month at an apartment in the Raleigh area when Justin Holmes, the arrested caregiver, and another employee from Resources for Human Development were tending to the patient/victim. The patient suffers from schizophrenia, paranoia, a kidney disorder, hearing and an intellectual disability.

The second employee was in a different room when Holmes and the patient began arguing over a bag of chips. The second employee allegedly walked into the room to find Holmes on top of the patient, punching the victim in the face multiple times. The other employee yelled at Holmes and pulled him off the victim.

This is sickening and I commend the other employee for seeing the abuse happen and stopping it. This sort of event goes on way too much around the country, and many times eyes are turned or events go unreported until it’s too late.

Many of us will have to, if we haven’t already, face the harsh reality of caring for our elderly loved ones. It’s at that moment when you’ll have to decide whether your lifestyle permits you to do it yourself, or whether a nursing home or a caretaker is the best option for your loved one.

If and when you decide a nursing home is the best option for your loved one, it’s with the understanding they will treat your loved one better than you possibly could at that given moment. You may have a job that requires you to travel too much, or you don’t have enough time and resources to give your family the time and energy it needs while having to make sure your elderly loved one receives the everyday care he or she needs. You feel it’s in everyone’s best interest to check your loved one into a nursing home or hire a caretaker.

However, it’s tough to trust people these days and the professional you hired to take care of your loved one – the one you’re paying to give the care you couldn’t give at the moment – ends up abusing or neglecting the very person they’re being paid to care for.

It’s scary, sad and it happens far too much. These patients are human and relatively helpless. Our elder abuse lawyer Memphis, TN trusts knows that discovering your elderly loved one has been neglected or abused in the facility that should have been taking care of them can be devastating.

That’s why there are attorneys like the ones at Darrell Castle & Associates who will fight to hold these abusive nursing homes and caretakers accountable. Our experienced Memphis nursing home and elderly abuse attorneys are no strangers to these abusive cases and will fight to make sure the victims receive the compensation they deserve and help ease the pain and suffering as much as possible.

If your loved one has experienced neglect or abuse at the hands of his or her caretaker, we’d love to talk to you. You can speak to one of our attorneys, free of charge, by filling out the “Get in Touch” form below or by calling us at (901) 327-1212.