Disability Lawyer Memphis TNIf you have worked enough to get necessary work credits and are medically unable to work, you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Now, anyone who meets those criteria can apply — that’s the easy part — but not just anyone can get their application accepted. As a Memphis Social Security attorney, this is particularly upsetting for me to see, because I know these hard-working people have paid into the program all of their working lives as taxpayers.

Many people are overwhelmed by the complexities of the SSDI application process. Every year, close to 70% of the claims for SSDI benefits that the Social Security Administration receives are denied during the initial stage of the process.

After an application is denied, you must appeal the SSA’s decision to have any chance of receiving the benefits in the future. But the appeal process is no simpler than the initial application process itself. This isn’t a time to go it alone. So, how do you find a lawyer for your SSDI case — and what are the most important factors to consider? Here are some of my tips, based on my 30+-year career as a Memphis Social Security attorney.

It’s recommended to speak with a long term disability lawyer Memphis, TN families trust to learn about applying for social security disability benefits.

It pays to work with a Memphis Social Security attorney.

The system is complicated and you only have one chance to make your appeal as strong as it can be. But, also, know that any legal fees will be minimal: There are strict payment rules put in place by the Social Security Administration. An attorney can only charge 25% of past payments owed (not your ongoing benefits), up to $6,000. When you’re considering an SSDI lawyer, here are a few things to consider.

Ease of access to the attorney.

Your lawyer should offer a free consultation to get started. From there, support staff should be accessible and friendly whenever you have questions.

Approval rates.

Though SSDI lawyers cannot guarantee your claim will be successful, you should feel empowered to ask about their approval rates for past appeals.

Professionalism and Courtesy.

If you’re struggling with a disability, find a lawyer with a record of excellent service, who will make the process easy on you and your family.

Choose a Memphis Social Security attorney — but not just any.

When it comes to applying for SSDI, whom you work with matters. This is a complicated area of law, and our lawyers have gone above to ensure our clients receive their benefits.

Whether you’re applying or appealing a claim, I’m a Memphis Social Security attorney you can trust. There’s no fee unless I get you your benefits. I only collect a small percentage of past-due benefits, your monthly check will not be reduced, and you’ll receive it faster.

If you need help from a Memphis Social Security attorney, call (901) 327-2100 or contact us online.