This weekend a new BBQ World Champion will be crowned. It’s Barbeque Fest, the Super Bowl of BBQ, and people are flocking to Tiger Lane in a party mood.

But any time of year, our city is tops when it comes cooking meat. Tourists and locals know Memphis as a barbeque hub, and for good reason.

So in honor of the festival, here are our staff favorites for the best BBQ in Memphis:


Cori and Hollis recommend Neely’s for their BBQ nachos and BBQ bologna sandwich.

Central BBQ

Joan and Amanda recommend Central BBQ for their amazing food.

Other pluses: outdoor seating, initiatives in recycling and biodegradable to-go containers, and our close ties with one of the co-owners who used to work at Darrell Castle & Associates!


We didn’t all agree on Rendezvous, a legendary downtown spot. Darrell strongly recommends it, for its location, history, ambiance and dry ribs. It was a favorite hangout for him in law school, and where he had his first date with his wife Joan. Amanda sees it more as a place for tourists and says it’s overrated.

But as Darrell puts it, Rendezvous is the heart and soul of a city and a people and the essence of Memphis. So if you haven’t been there, you should at least go for its history and try the dry ribs. Then you can decide for yourself.

Other favorites:

    • The Commissary
    • Leonard’s BBQ
    • Corky’s

What are your favorite BBQ places? Let us know in the comments.

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