darrell-castleWhy a Good Bankruptcy Attorney Makes the Difference

If you need to file bankruptcy, a good bankruptcy attorney can make all the difference between success and failure.

A lot of detail goes into a successful bankruptcy case. And your bankruptcy attorney has your financial future in his or her hands. So you should hire someone you can trust to get the job done, even when it requires more work than expected.

Here are a few reasons having a good bankruptcy attorney matters more than people realize:

A Good Attorney Will Do Everything They Can for Your Case

At my Memphis bankruptcy firm, we’ve taken way too many clients who tried other attorneys and had to rush to us when their cases got mishandled. We’ve seen it firsthand: if your attorney refuses to take your calls or follow up on your case with the courts, you could lose everything.

We wrote a whole report about why your bankruptcy attorney matters. In it, I discuss:

  • how some attorneys treat you differently once they’ve filed your case, and why that matters
  • what can happen when an attorney doesn’t provide extra services at the same price they quoted you
  • why the price some attorneys give you at the beginning of your case isn’t always the one you should trust

You should know all of your fees up front. It’s not uncommon for some bankruptcy attorneys to hide fees. And then, if you miss an important payment that you weren’t aware of, your case may be dismissed. A good bankruptcy attorney simply won’t let that happen.

A Good Attorney Will Treat You and Others With Respect

When you come in for a bankruptcy, you don’t need a bigger headache to deal with. We realize you already feel stressed and anxious, and maybe a little annoyed. You deserve a law firm that treats its clients with respect.

Darrell Castle & Associates has received multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbel for client satisfaction. Our staff treats you as a valued client and not just a case number. You should expect your bankruptcy case to receive the upmost care and detail, because you’re paying to have the job done correctly.

Your bankruptcy attorney should also have a good reputation with the courts. It can make a big difference in your case to go in with the judge’s respect.

Our Memphis Bankruptcy Attorneys

It’s important to hire a good bankruptcy attorney so your case makes it through the entire process all the way to discharge.

If you’re struggling financially and want to talk to someone experienced about your options, our free consultation is perfect for you. When you come in to come see us, you’ll get a free evaluation of your finances and some options to make your life better.

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