How the new workers’ comp laws will look

By: Darrell Castle

July 2014 will bring reform to the Tennessee workers’ comp process, and according to the Nashville Business Journal, it features two major changes.

The first change – the process is getting streamlined into one system.

Currently, there are two courts hearing workers’ comp issues – an administrative system and regular trial courts.

Previously, when issues weren’t settled in administrative systems, the issue would enter the court system, which ultimately led to “a race to the courthouse.”

Now, having a court solely devoted to workers’ comp cases will result in a quicker process, and potentially reduced legal costs for employers by the removal of traditional court litigation costs. A workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN turns to cares about the health and well-being of clients and can provide guidance on next steps.

The second change – there’s an equal burden standard.

“Under the old act, the statute was liberally construed in favor of employees… a tie goes to the runner,” said Stuart Scott, a Nashville attorney. “This shifts back to make it be an even more level playing field.”

As a Memphis workers’ comp attorney, I sure hope for a more even playing field. I represent the injured worker and I’ve seen TOO many people TOO hurt to work have TOO difficult of a time receiving the compensation they really deserve.

If you’ve been injured on the job, please speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney – one who’ll listen, look at every little detail and fight to get you the compensation YOU really deserve.

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