By: Darrell Castle

In a couple of nights, it’ll be Halloween. For most children, this is one of their favorite times of the year.

They get to dress up as super heroes, grab their pillow cases and walk around the neighborhood to gather more sugary sweets than they could have ever imagined (since last year on Halloween).

For parents, this night can be full of joy as they accompany their miniature Batmans on their sugary adventure. But parents also need to have an extremely protecting and watchful eye at the same time.

Here are some safety tips to help ensure you and your children enjoy Halloween night without any trips to the emergency room.

1. Take a flashlight with you. Everyone knows the best candy is handed out when the sun goes down. The dark night and limited street lights can make it difficult for cars to see you and your children walking down and crossing the street. However, if you use a flashlight, then it’ll be difficult to miss you!

2. Make sure your child’s costumes aren’t hindering their ability to see. If your child has a hard time seeing in his or her costume, then pick another one. The last thing you want your child to do is miss the sidewalk step and fall, or accidentally walk onto the street when a car is driving by.

3. Make sure your child’s costume is visible. Your child may like to wear a dark costume, but it’s in everyone’s best interest that he or she wear something very light that perhaps even glows in the dark. That way, you can ensure you won’t lose your child or that cars driving down the street can see your child with ease.

5. Check your child’s candy. Make sure none of the candy your child received was opened or tampered with, and if it was then don’t hesitate to trash it. It’s sad that our world is at the point where we have to do this, but that’s where we are.

6. Don’t pet or play with a dog unless you have permission from its owner. A lot of dog owners like to take their pets trick-or-treating with them. A good dog owner should know not to do this if the dog poses a threat to the public, or they at least will put a muzzle on the dog. However, not everyone is a good dog owner. That’s why you shouldn’t pet or play with a dog unless the dog owner gives you permission because he or she knows the dog is harmless to you.

Those are tips for the parents of the trick-or-treaters, but other people out in public have a duty to protect the children too – especially the drivers.

If you’re out driving on Halloween, DON’T SPEED. Take extra special caution this one night of the year (and really every night) to make sure you’re going the speed limit. You don’t know if a small Superman is going to pop up on the street in his pursuit for candy. But this isn’t the real Superman and a lot of damage can be done if you don’t practice extreme caution on the road.

Drivers – don’t speed and keep your eyes on the road.

Parents – make sure your children look both ways before crossing the street.

Everyone – have a safe and enjoyable Halloween, and if you have any extra candy, then you know where my office is.

I sure hope it doesn’t happen, but if you or your child are injured on Halloween night and it’s due to the negligence of someone else – you were hit by a car, someone’s dog got loose and attacked you or you hurt yourself on someone’s property because of some kind of danger – then you need to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney as you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages from time off work and more.

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