Tax day is right around the corner. While some folks can look forward to a refund on April 15th, many others will find themselves owing the government. As a Tennessee tax lawyer for more than thirty years, I’ve seen every situation you can imagine. Whether you are struggling with back taxes you owe from previous years or are expecting a nice check in the mail, I can help your refund go even further.

This year’s tax refund can improve your life for years to come.

Helping people use their refunds to change their lives is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. The most powerful way you can use your tax refund is to get out of debt. Rather than throwing your refund at a mountain of bills that you can’t pay, or panicking about how to pay your back taxes, you can stop the stress altogether. Bankruptcy offers a way out.

Bankruptcy offers a way to get you out of debt permanently. In the last forty years, I’ve helped thousands of good people file. Bankruptcy can transform your life in ways that seem impossible when you’re under crushing financial stress. Think about it: suddenly being able to save up money, tithe again, and give to your family, all without the worry of debt.

If you’re in a stressful financial situation and want to use your tax refund to get out of debt permanently, a Tennessee tax lawyer is just what you need to help you start fresh.

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You deserve to experience financial freedom, and a tax refund makes it possible. The money you’ve earned back from your tax filing can be worth so much more for you and your family. Call us today to hear how we can help.