The Memphis area is notorious for pedestrian accidents. In one study, we rank 7th in pedestrian deaths of all the cities in the United States – and 5th in major metro areas.

Relatively little time and effort goes into preventing pedestrian deaths, but it’s a very important cause. Here are a few things we could do in Memphis that might help improve pedestrian safety:

1. Raise awareness of “drunk walking” risks.

Drunk driving is not the only danger on the road. 1/3 of all pedestrian fatalities occur when the pedestrian is legally drunk (blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams per deciliter or more). It is extremely dangerous to walk along the road while intoxicated, and the longer you walk the more at risk you’ll be.

2. Improve pedestrian crosswalk availability.

Some cities have had success with painting pedestrian crosswalks in high foot traffic areas. Cars are required to stop when pedestrians need to cross. This option could help prevent pedestrians from trying to cross the street in unsafe places.

3. Crack down on violations that put pedestrians at risk.

Drivers have certain responsibilities, including the need to watch out for bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians. If an accident occurs, it’s important that drivers be held accountable. A full investigation should be done on the victims’ behalf, and insurance should provide compensation to anyone who was injured.

Sadly, that’s not always what happens. Sometimes the insurance companies don’t want to cover the cost, even when the pedestrian’s family needs it most.

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