Memphis is the 5th most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians, so you should know what to do if you’re ever hit by a car on the street.


Injured people in pedestrian accidents do have options. In this video, Memphis car accident injury attorney Darrell Castle explains what you can do if you’re ever hit while using the road as a pedestrian.




What Can a Pedestrian Do If Hit by a Car?


If you’re a pedestrian and you’re hit by a car, you want to make sure that you or someone at the scene gets the contact information from the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Name, address, phone number, license number, things like that. And obviously you want to get medical attention.

As soon as you’re able, you should call an attorney. That attorney can help you with the case and make sure you get compensation from the driver who injured you.

Let’s say for example that driver doesn’t have insurance. You probably have insurance, and if you do, your uninsured motorist coverage should help you there. An attorney can help you with all that.

Don’t just assume that you’re at fault if you’re hit by a car, because the party at fault is responsible for the accident, and if the accident is your fault you probably won’t be able to receive compensation. Drivers of vehicles are supposed to watch what they’re doing. They’re supposed to watch for pedestrians and exercise caution. So you should talk to an attorney about it before you make statements or assumptions that might not be in your best interest.


What If the Pedestrian Didn’t Get the Driver’s Information?


If a driver hit you – struck you with his vehicle – then injured you and left the scene, that’s a crime. The police would be interested in investigating that to see if that person could be apprehended and charged.

But if the person were never apprehended, never charged, it’s the same answer as earlier. If you have insurance, you probably have uninsured motorist coverage that would help you with it.


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