We’ve talked a lot about Fresenius’ dialysis treatment, GranuFlo, and for good reason.

GranuFlo has been linked to serious health risks, including heart attack, stroke and even death within 72 hours of the procedure.

The drug has been used in various clinics worldwide. In regular use, many physicians and facilities prefer GranuFlo because it prevents injury to themselves and other workers as it keeps physicians from having to use liquid acid, which can be very dangerous. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport and its smaller size saves storage space.

But, as mentioned above, it’s not safe for the patients.

As one of the most widely-distributed dialysis compounds in the world, GranuFlo has been administered to the majority of dialysis patients everywhere. Unfortunately, Fresenius chose not to make patients, or anyone outside of their clinics, aware of the added risks associated with their product.

GranuFlo was recalled in 2012.

The statute of limitations is dangerously close to being reached. That means if you or a loved one received dialysis and experienced a cardiac event, stroke or death within about 72 hours of the procedure, you could be eligible for compensation and need to contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY.

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