Workers’ compensation is treated a little differently when the injury happens on a waterway.The Jones Act, which was enacted all the way back in 1920, allows sailors and crew members of ships to sue their captain or ship owner if they suffer from a work injury caused by someone else’s negligence. It also allows for a trial by jury.

So in Memphis, if you’re injured while working on the Mississippi River, you might be able to sue your employer to help cover the cost of your lost wages and medical bills. It’s important to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN places its trust in before signing any paperwork or agreement related to workers’ compensation benefits. Your success depends in part on what your position is/was, what caused the injury, and who was involved.

There are a lot of details that go into a case like this, so you want to find an attorney with experience dealing in river and waterway accidents. Ideally this would be a personal injury lawyer who has experience with product liability, premises liability, and workers’ compensation. Make sure your attorney has all of those qualifications so that you’re fully prepared for any issues that might emerge.

Our attorneys have this experience and have worked on Jones Act cases in and around Memphis. If you’ve been injured, contact us today. The conversation is free.