Q: When someone comes to repossess my car, is it public record? Will everyone find out about it?

A: Generally, no. In Tennessee, we have a system called self help repossession that allows creditors to repo the car without a court order. Without a court order, there’s no record it happened. So there’s no way for anyone to find out except if they see it happen or figure it out when they notice your car is gone.

If the court orders a repossession, it becomes public record. While not usually necessary in TN, this does sometimes happen. If the person hides the car or seems aggressive, the creditor may want or need the sheriff to tow it instead of the usual repo agent.

But even then, the public court records aren’t something people look at every day. Your neighbors and friends won’t be scouring the court documents to see whose cars have been repossessed. So the odds are you could still keep it somewhat private.

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