Lately our drug injury lawyers in Memphis have been hearing a lot about back surgery problems, especially after the patients received a bone graft.Perhaps you were injured during a back surgery. You may be concerned it was medical malpractice. Maybe you’re wondering: “Did the doctor made a mistake? Did the surgery not go as planned?”

But it could be neither of these things.

There’s a type of bone graft right now that’s under severe scrutiny: the Medtronic INFUSE® Bone Graft. If you were injured during a back or neck surgery, you may want to look into this product as a possible cause.

Basically, INFUSE® helps regrow bone during and after a surgery. It’s supposed to be used in specially-approved lower back surgeries. But 85% of the time, it’s being used off-label, in other surgeries like upper back and neck surgery.

When used incorrectly, this bone graft can actually overgrow the bone and cause severe damage:


    • Suffocation
    • Other respiratory injury
    • Paralysis
    • Infertility
    • Death


When this happens, it might not be the fault of your doctor at all. The surgery might have gone perfectly. It’s the bone graft that’s causing the pain. It’s the bone graft that’s killing people.

Most people have no idea if INFUSE® was used during their surgery. That’s not a problem – we can help you figure it out. We encourage you to present your medical malpractice case to hospital injury lawyers Memphis, TN families place their confidence in for an evaluation.

If you or your loved one has been injured from back surgery involving a bone graft, you should contact our Memphis bone graft injury lawyers today to get started. The conversation is completely free. We start by investigating your case to see what caused the injury, and then we help you figure out your next steps.

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