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By: Darrell Castle

“Is your doctor stoned?” That was the question posed this morning on a Today show segment mixed with emotions of shock, heartbreak and rage – or at least those are the emotions that ran over me when I watched it.

100,000 – that’s the number of doctors addicted to drugs or alcohol! And addiction’s one thing, but for doctors to be under the influence while at work, PERFORMING SURGERY, is another. But it’s happening!

“There are doctors out there right now under the influence of prescription narcotics as we speak, putting patients at risk,” said Dr. Stephen Loyd, a Tennessee doctor speaking from personal experience.

At his worst, Dr. Loyd, who is now 10 years clean, was taking 100 Vicodin pills a day…while seeing patients.

Loyd claims his patients never knew he was using and he’s never been accused of harming a patient while stoned. That’s not the case for Dr. Christopher Duntsch, though.

Dr. Duntsch once referred to himself as “the best neurosurgeon in Dallas.” However, patients like Jeff Cheney would bet against that any day of the week.

In the video, Cheney explains his heartbreaking story – he went in to see Dr. Duntsch for routine back surgery and woke up partially paralyzed. Cheney claims Dr. Duntsch was under the influence during the operation.

“He turned me from a strong, healthy man into a crippled man,” Cheney said.

And there are about a dozen other patients alleging Duntsch paralyzed them – turning some into paraplegics, some into quadriplegics and confining some to a wheelchair, all because of botched surgeries in which it’s believed Dr. Duntsch was stoned.

Duntsch, who’s facing lawsuits, has been accused of….

  • drinking at work
  • stashing vodka under his desk
  • using LSD
  • using cocaine

Duntsch hasn’t been charged with a crime but his license was revoked because he “violated the standard of care.”

Airline pilots and school bus drivers are required to take random drug tests – doctors are NOT. That’s hard to believe, which is why lawmakers in California are working to make it a requirement for doctors with hospital privileges.

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