Motorcycle Awareness Month

By: Darrell Castle

Did you know May is Motorcycle Awareness Month?

There’s a lot happening around the city of Memphis in May, such as, well Memphis in May – a time full of cheer and joy with many different outside events throughout the community.

May is typically a month of sunny and warmer weather, which deems it the perfect month for Motorcycle Awareness Month as more riders strap on their helmets to hop on their bikes and ride after the long, cold winter.

According the Action News 5, Tennessee is kicking off Motorcycle Awareness Month with an effort to decrease motorcycle accidents Memphis knows too well.

The kickoff is scheduled to take place at Opry Mills in Nashville today, featuring Kendell Poole, the director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Office, and others.

In Tennessee…

  • over 2,800 motorcyclists crashed last year
  • there were over 135 deaths
  • this year already, there have been 337 crashes and 14 deaths

Keeping motorcyclists safe on the roadways is a two-way street.

When you’re on your motorcycle, don’t try to be a “cool guy” and see how fast you can bob and weave in and out of traffic. Enjoy your ride on your bike by staying with the speed limit, signaling your turns and being respectful to the other drivers on the road, just like you would do in a car, or so I hope you would.

If you’re the one who’s sharing the road with a motorcyclist, treat them like a normal car driver and give them ample room, if not more, by staying far behind them.

We all need to share the road with each other and look out for each other’s safety.

However, sometimes car, truck and motorcycle accidents are unavoidable. If you find yourself injured in one, seek medical attention first and foremost. After you’ve done that, you should speak to an experienced car accident attorney if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Why? Because you’re not liable for those medical bills, vehicle damage, pain, suffering and more and an attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’ve put together a checklist to print and keep in your car in case you find yourself in a car accident. This checklist will remind you of the necessary things to do at the scene of the crash.

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