By: Darrell Castle

Every afternoon at the Castle household, my wife and I partake in “James Hour.” This “James Hour” (typically longer than an hour) is a time of fellowship with friends and family while indulging in some cheese, sausage and drinks. Great conversations always arise from this time, and I want to share some of the conversation with you. That’s why you can expect a weekly “James Hour Conversation” post in which I discuss some hot-button issues in the community and nation. Please take this opportunity to comment back your thoughts on the discussions.


Domestic Violence in the NFL

When it comes to domestic violence, I’m opposed to it (obviously). It’s interesting how relationships go from love – or what people perceive to be love – to indifference, to anger and then to downright hatred. And yet it continues as people sometimes think of their spouses as their property.

The NFL certainly has a problem, but so does society in general. This has bothered me for years.

Just like in the movie, The Gladiator, the NFL is a circus and the players are the gladiators.

And most of these players are financially independent and just don’t seem to care because they know they’ll be fine even if they’re suspended.

It seems like these players have this feeling inside of them that they don’t have to obey the same rules we do.

Look at Jameis Winston. These guys become heroes and know they’re future millionaires. Money can buy you a lot of things – future attorneys and friends – and this becomes a culture, and they feel invincible.

But now, with cameras, social media and smartphones, it’s much more difficult to sweep this stuff under the rug.

This has gotten SO bad they embarrassed a BEER COMPANY. That’s hard to do.

This is just another example of the hypocrisy we see in the world today. We pay our entertainers millions of dollars and then get upset when they disappoint us. I don’t think the NFL is at any more fault than the rest of society. We pretend everything is okay – until someone finds out.

To sum it all up, why do we pretend things are different than they really are? This is the way it is, yet we pretend it’s something different and then act revolted by it when it happens. We then think heads need to roll – Roger Goodell should get fired. People act like they care, but really they’re just glad it’s not THEIR superstar that was involved.

Domestic violence is inexcusable, but if people really want to stop it, then stop watching and buying tickets to NFL games.

Memphis Tigers vs. MTSU

The game against MTSU this Saturday in the Liberty Bowl is a big game. MTSU has had Memphis’ number here recently and now Memphis is favored, the weather on Saturday will be nice and there should be a great turnout at the game.

For the Tigers, these are ALL big games. This is a big game because of what it would mean to lose and what it would mean to win.

What are some other big games in recent Memphis history?

I’d suppose the win over Tennessee in ’96 was a really big game. I was personally at the game when they beat Ole Miss for the first time. It’s always fun to see the Tigers win those games they are NOT supposed to win. THIS game though they’re expected to win and need to for the program to continue taking that next step.

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