Kids and product liability


Three New York children were injured yesterday as the bounce house they were playing in took flight.

With strong winds, the plastic stakes used to hold down the inflatable house didn’t stand a chance. When the house took flight, the children went with it. Two kids fell from as high as 15-20 feet.

One of those kids suffered a serious head injury as he hit a car on the way down and the other suffered some broken bones. Both are being treated at a local hospital.

A witness who called 911 when the incident happened claimed the bounce house owner did everything correctly when setting up the inflatable toy.

Officials claim the inflatable house was not rented and set up by a professional.

Mitch Dupre, the General Manager of a professional commercial inflatable company, Taylor Rental, claims this shouldn’t have happened.

“There’s no way something like that should happen,” Dupre said. “For something to go that high, that heavy – that doesn’t work.”

Dupre also claimed that professionals use four 18-inch metal stakes, which goes back to the plastic stakes used in this tragic incident.

When talking about his professional company in comparison to the flying bounce house, Dupre said, “This will not happen. They are set up and sewed down to the point like nothing like that would ever happen. And we make sure of it.”

According to Dupre, this serves as a warning to parents to have a bounce house professionally installed.

I agree with Dupre. Children are frequently hurt in these bounce houses, so it’s important to make sure they’re set up correctly and up to proper standards.

Is there negligence involved here? Is there someone to blame? Possibly.

This speaks to a general point though and that is to properly supervise your children and keep them as safe as possible, as a parent. Things like bounce houses and trampolines have been proven to be a danger – it’s important to make sure all precautions are met when your children are playing on them

If your child has been hurt due to the negligence of someone else, like a faulty product, then it’s important to not only seek medical treatment first, but then talk to an experienced personal injury attorney after the treatment is complete. Whoever is liable for your child’s injury should be held accountable. You shouldn’t have to pay for those medical bills, lost wages for time off work, pain, suffering and more.

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