What is a landlord’s responsibility to protect tenants from other tenants and possible violent situations? Memphis TN premises liability lawyer Darrell Castle explains.



What responsibility does a landlord have to protect tenants from other tenants?

Landlords protecting tenants from other tenants: that’s a big area of the law now. There’s a lot of questions in that area; and it’s a very difficult subject.

The best advice I can give you first is call a lawyer who’s experienced in premises liability.

The landlord can’t let any unreasonably dangerous condition to exist on his property. If he has no notice of it, he probably has very little or no liability to protect the tenants from other tenants.

But he has an obligation to prevent unreasonably dangerous conditions. If he’s renting to a dangerous criminal, let’s say, that might be an issue for him. Or if he knows he’s renting to someone who is well-known and has been complained about to him several times – perhaps the person is suffering from some medical condition that prevents proper driving and that person runs over someone in the parking lot – those types of things could be issues if the landlord has prior knowledge.

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