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Avoid dog attacks this summer

I have one daughter and she’s all grown up now. However, if my daughter was still a child, then I might write a little letter like this to dog owners in my neighborhood this summer –


Dear neighborhood dog owners,

Spring time is here, the weather is warming up and summer time is quickly-approaching. This means the children, like my young daughter, will be out playing and enjoying the simple things in life like we adults often times wish we still could.

She’ll be outside playing with the other kids – riding bikes, throwing the ball and just having a good time.

Because of this, I please ask that you keep your dogs restrained, especially if they have shown previous signs of aggression. I would love for my kid and all of her friends to be able to enjoy the great weather and the wonderful neighborhood without fear of an unrestrained dog attacking them.

You may feel this letter is off-key and a little much, but I assure you this kind of thing happens. As a personal injury attorney in Memphis, I’ve handled dog bite cases of all shapes and size. I’ve seen victims in my office who’ve been attacked and injured and it’s not easy to witness and can be completely avoided.

As a concerned parent, I ask a couple of things from you –

  1. If you don’t have a fence of any kind, please walk and take your dog out on a leash.
  2. If you do have a fence, please make sure there are no holes or anyway your dog can escape.
  3. If my kid or any other kids ask to pet or play with your dog, only let them do so if you know the dog is kid-friendly. If you have any doubts whatsoever, feel free to tell the kids “no.”

I ask all of this not only for the kids’ safety, but also for your benefit. A dog bite not only can be a bad experience for the victim, but for the dog owner as well.

I write this letter with kindness and respect.

Thank you,


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