In Tennessee, up to 25% of your wages can be garnished. How are you supposed to live with that?

If you can’t manage to pay your bills and make ends meet in your current situation, how are you supposed to do so without 25% of your paycheck?

The good thing is, you don’t have to live with a wage garnishment! You can get rid of it by filing for bankruptcy.

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How wage garnishments work

When you fall behind on your credit card and medical bills, you should see a bankruptcy attorney. However, many people don’t. And then the creditor sues them for their debts.

The judge will give the creditor a judgement for the amount of money he’s owed, plus attorney fees and interest. Then that debt is collectable by court order through a wage garnishment.

Your employer, by court order, has to take 25% of your wages every time you get paid and send it to the creditor.

How a bankruptcy can help

Again, most people can’t afford a 25% cut in pay. There are all kinds of charges and interests added on, so you’re paying MORE than just the debt you owe. It seems to go on forever!

The right thing to do is see a bankruptcy attorney to stop the wage garnishment BEFORE it starts. You’ll have notice of the lawsuit and to appear in court.

Or maybe the garnishment has already been issued – a bankruptcy can still stop it. You can be freed of those debts and walk out of our office without worrying about your credit card or medical bills. You can walk out of our office with a fresh start!

Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys can help

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