American Airlines has a big problem. They can’t seem to get the seats in their planes to attach and stay put.

Loose rows of seats on at least 3 planes caused the airline to ground 48 flights and cancel an additional 94 flights earlier this month.

While loose seats on an airplane could cause serious injury and even death, thankfully at this point no one has been seriously hurt.

The malfunction appears to be happening on Boeing 757s but American is also taking precautionary measures on Boeing 767s. Out of what they consider an abundance of caution, the airline has announced plans to add a secondary locking mechanism to 49 out of their 58 Boeing 767-300 planes. The incident has caused terrible public relations for American Airlines, which is currently under bankruptcy protection.

In the meantime, the FAA is allowing all of American’s aircraft to fly, even if the planes have not been modified yet. They are continuing to investigate the seats that caused initial problems.

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