A Mississippi story has made national news this morning as a man, pronounced dead, showed life in the embalming room.

Holmes County, Mississippi, Coroner Dexter Howard received a call from Walter Williams’, the dead alive man, hospice nurse. In that call, the nurse told Howard that Williams, 87-years-old, had passed away. A family member called claiming the same thing.

Howard and a funeral home employee drove to Williams’ home to take the body for funeral preparations. Howard checked Williams’ pulse as well and pronounced him dead.

“There was no pulse. He was lifeless,” Howard said.

After all of the paperwork was complete, Williams’ body was transported to the funeral home embalming room in a body bag. That’s where something strange happened.

“We got him into the embalming room and we noticed his legs beginning to move, like kicking,” Howard said. “He also began to do a little breathing.”

An ambulance was immediately called and paramedics arrived, hooked Williams up to the monitors and he had a heartbeat.

“They were in shock. I was in shock. I think everybody at the hospital was in shock.,” Howard said.

What happened here?

The word “miracle” was thrown around, which certainly could have been the case.

Howard offered “the only reasonable explanation he could think of” – Williams’ defibrillator.

“It could’ve kicked in, started his heart back,” Howard said. “The bottom line is it’s a miracle.”

This story had a happy ending for Williams and his family, but it’s a good example for medical professionals to be aware of.

As a personal injury attorney, I’ve seen how medical malpractice cases play out for victims and the families because of a medical professional’s negligence. This is why doctors and others involved must always make sure, without a doubt, that things are the way they claim they are. If not, something that wasn’t supposed to happen can happen and can cause serious damage.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case for this Mississippi man. As a firm with a medical malpractice lawyer Memphis, TN turns to with their biggest claims, we’ve dealt with a broad range of cases that include surgical errors, birth injuries, and misdiagnoses.

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