In recent weeks, “fast casual” food chain Chipotle has been under fire for some horrible cases of poisoning.

At least 5 outbreaks have been connected to the company in the last year alone, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Norovirus. The outbreaks sickened hundreds of people across multiple states. Now Chipotle is backpedaling in one of many attempts to regain customer trust.

These outbreaks can be fatal. They’re similar to last summer’s Blue Bell listeria outbreak, in which contaminated ice cream killed three people.

These stories remind me of a time when food was very different – at least for my family. I was raised on a farm, and our food was prepared from scratch, sourced from our property.

People still got sick from their food back then (though rarely at our home), but it was much more traceable. And knowing where the contamination starts always helps you combat it in the future.

These modern outbreaks never seem to stop, and it’s no surprise when we eat at bigger and bigger chains supplied by massive corporations. Someone has to hold these companies accountable, and regulations don’t seem to be doing it by themselves.

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