Are you looking for a job? You may be in luck if you’re in maintenance.

The US Postal Service will hire about 70 skilled maintenance workers in Memphis and Nashville according to a Commercial Appeal report. The pay scales range from $18.94 to $25.01 an hour.

The USPS Memphis job fair will take place at the Central Station boardroom at 545 S. Main, Suite 109 from 11am-3pm.

Human resource specialists will be available to speak about the job requirements. However, if you’re unable to attend the job fair, you can apply online at beginning the day after on Friday.

Applicants must pass a written exam, a pre-employment drug screening and must also be a US citizen, lawful permanent resident alien or citizen of territories owing allegiance to the US. Some positions require applicants to hold valid state driver’s licenses and demonstrate safe driving records.

If you’ve been out of a job recently and have the necessary skills for a job like this, here’s your opportunity to get back in the workforce.

Though national unemployment rates have been down, Memphis tends to remain behind the curve. Practicing bankruptcy law in Memphis for decades, I know the effect unemployment can have on a person’s finances and life.

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