Since it’s election season, candidates from both sides have spent the last few months talking about jobs. They all promise economic growth and stability to come; but the Mid-South still hasn’t seen much evidence of a recovery.

A January jobs report shows a slight decrease in unemployment around the country and 243,000 new jobs created in January; and perhaps you remember when some economists declared the recession over in 2009?

Yet here we are in 2012 with so many Memphis families looking for work, unable to pay their bills, and wishing for a recovery that’s just moving too slow for the Mid-South area.

If you are in that boat, you may be feeling like there is no way out. It can be incredibly frustrating to hear about signs that our economy is healthy again – or even getting there – when all around you the evidence says otherwise. Perhaps you feel like a failure, or feel guilty that you don’t have enough money to cover your expenses.

Remember that you are not alone. All around the country, families just like you read the paper or watch the news and feel the same way. Here are just a few of the proven ways some of them have stayed strong in a time of joblessness and financial worry:

Keep Your Friends Close

Find supportive folks to encourage you in your job search, especially when it looks most impossible.

Stay Active

Make sure to get up and get dressed every day (even if you don’t have family needs that make you). Take walks and continue to be active – it’s best for your mind, body and soul.

Register with Temp Agencies

Consider a temporary help agency – they will record your skills and work experience in order to place you with the right fit. Temp jobs can help fill in lost income, and can be the perfect way to get your foot in the door for something more permanent.

Seek Career Counseling

Shelby County offers free career services centers around the city to help you with resumes, skills training and more.

Don’t Be Afraid of Legal Help

A good attorney will help you look at all of your options. We’ve built a solid reputation as a bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN clients recommend. The decision to file bankruptcy isn’t an easy one, but our Memphis bankruptcy lawyers are concerned with what will work best for you in your unique situation. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions, so contact us for a free consultation.