Hopefully you and your loved ones are safe after yesterday’s storm. With all the severe weather we’ve been having in the Mid-South, we want to point out a couple of ways in which our firm might be able to help you deal with the damages.

It’s conceivable to have a personal injury case after a storm like we had yesterday. Sure, mostly you can thank the crazy weather for power outages and property damage, but sometimes the storm can lead to other problems that go deeper.

Car Accidents In and Around Memphis from Dangerous Driving

The most obvious and common problem stemming from storms is car accidents. During and after storms, people can drive less carefully when really we should all be showing more caution. Traffic problems can lead people to rush or become frustrated. These increased anxieties mean more accidents on the road, and more injuries.

Of course, it’s a never-ending circle, right? The more accidents, the more traffic gets backed up and the more people get frustrated, so there are even MORE crashes!

Drive safely; give yourself extra time; and if you do get injured in a car accident, let us know so we can help you.

Damages from Improper Maintenance

If someone’s negligence or wrongdoing allowed damages to occur during the storm, it could be considered a personal injury case.

For example, during an ice storm we had once, a tree limb fell through our client’s windshield and injured the person. Examination showed that the tree limb was obviously rotten and had not been properly maintained, which was especially important since the rotten limb was hanging over the street.

Find Help from a Memphis Injury Attorney Who Cares

These cases may be rare, but they can also be serious when they do happen, so if something has occurred to injure you during the recent severe weather, and you’d like to know if we can help, contact us and one of our attorneys will speak with you for free about your situation.

Have you been looking for an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts? Call the offices of Darrell Castle & Associates today.