Lawsuits are being filed in relation to Mirena, a popular contraceptive used to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years and help with heavy menstrual bleeding.

The device, which is made by Bayer, is inserted by a doctor and releases hormones directly into the uterus. The lawsuits claim Bayer did not warn doctors and patients properly of the risks of uterine perforation after the device was inserted.

Our Memphis Mirena injury lawyers are accepting cases related to Mirena and uterine perforation. As part of our efforts, we want women to be aware of what a perforated uterus is and how it can affect the body.

Uterine perforation means that a hole has been made in the uterus. This can be a really severe injury, for two reasons:


    1. Any perforated organ can cause serious damage to the body, and
    2. The Mirena device can potentially pass through the hole it made and cause further damage.


Side affects from uterine perforation caused by Mirena can include:


    • Severe hemorrhaging (bleeding).
    • Sepsis, in which the body becomes dangerously inflamed in response to infection.
    • The need for a hysterectomy because of internal damage, which means permanent infertility.
    • Damage to other organs, and
    • In some cases, death.


As you can see, these are the kinds of risks many women would not prefer to take. Who knows how many women might not have used Mirena if they’d known all of this ahead of time?

But they didn’t know; and as a result a lot of women are suffering with permanent injuries. Some have even lost their lives.

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