According to the Commercial Appeal, a steel-galvanizing plant is coming to Memphis and will initially hire 25-30 people.

Voight & Schweitzer (V&S) is an Ohio-based company that operates 30 steel-galvanizing plants in the US and Europe. The company will invest up to $10 million to build one in Shelby County.

A typical V&S plant employs 45 people and they’re looking to eventually move to that number once they get their feet on the ground and running.

The plant will hire an array of workers, including truck drivers, maintenance workers, general managers, salesmen and laborers.

“Anyone who has an aptitude for learning and knows about steel,” Terry Wolfe, Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing, said is who they’re looking for.

The company plans on hiring all local citizens for their workforce.

When asked about the pay scale, Wolfe said it is “where people will want to come and work for us.”

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If you’re currently unemployed or you’re looking for a better income, look into applying for a job with V&S. Make an investment in yourself to change your life.

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