If you’re in a motorcycle accident, how is that case different from a normal personal injury case? Memphis PI lawyer Darrell Castle explains how bike crashes can play out differently from car crashes in lawsuit situations.

In personal injury, how are motorcycle cases different from car accident cases?

Motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents in that people in general tend to be prejudiced against motorcycles, in the sense that most of them drive cars. They kind of resent the motorcycles being out there.

Attorneys representing people injured in motorcycle accidents understand this; and they know how to deal with that and how to explain to people that riders of motorcycles have the same rights on the road as any other vehicle.

The other difference is that when bikers have accidents, the injuries tend to be much worse, because there are no airbags or seat belts or safety harnesses or steel frames around them to protect them from the impact with the other vehicle, and with the street, and so forth.

So it’s definitely something you need to talk to an experienced attorney about.

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