Delta Airlines and the food company Gate Gourmet in Amsterdam are trying to figure out how needles got into sandwiches served on in-flight meals from The Netherlands to the US.

The needles, which showed up in turkey sandwiches on 4 different flights, appeared to be sewing tools. The FBI is investigating the incident.

One passenger was injured on a flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis. However, she declined to receive medical treatment.

Since our Memphis personal injury attorneys look at liability cases like this all the time, we have a few thoughts on this strange situation. First, while we don’t know the person who was injured or how bad those injuries were, it seems strange not to receive any medical attention at all.

In general if you’re injured by a foreign object, and especially a needle – yes, even sewing needles – you should have the injury checked out by a doctor.

Not only will your doctor be able to rule out any possible harm, but a proper examination protects you in the case that side effects do show up later and you have to ask the offending company to cover the cost.

The company’s insurance should pay for the initial examination and any related treatment you may need later. But sometimes the business’ insurance company doesn’t want to pay, and the resulting battles can get very confusing.

For example, in this case Delta’s insurance company might claim it’s Gate Gourmet’s fault alone. Gate Gourmet might argue it’s partially Delta’s fault, or even the bread bakery.

Then there’s the FBI’s investigation to consider, too. What if they find the individual who planted the needles? Isn’t it that person’s fault? Or what if it was a defective machine made by another company entirely?

When your injuries weren’t your fault, our personal injury attorneys step in to handle the resulting questions that come up. We make sure the right person pays you the compensation you deserve.

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