If your family member suffered mistreatment in a nursing home, you may want to consult a nursing home lawyer in Memphis, TN. Your family may be entitled to compensation. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about nursing home abuse.

Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Occur?

It can be difficult to imagine why anyone would harm nursing home residents, but it does happen. Understaffing is one of the most common causes of nursing home abuse. When staff members are overworked, they may experience burnout and take it out on the residents. Low wages and inadequate training can also lead to nursing home abuse.

What Are Examples of Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Abuse in nursing homes can take many forms. Physical abuse is one of the most common types of abuse and may include hitting, kicking and unnecessary use of restraints. Financial, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse can also occur. 

What Qualifies As Neglect in Nursing Homes?

Neglect can also occur in nursing homes and involves failing to provide residents with proper medical care, shelter, food or supervision. Sometimes neglect is intentional while other times it is just carelessness.

What Are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents don’t report abuse or neglect because they’re ashamed or afraid of retaliation. That is why it is up to family members to recognize signs of abuse. Unexplained bruises and cuts, for example, may be signs of physical abuse. If your loved one has poor hygiene, bed sores or sudden weight loss, he or she may be experiencing neglect and you should contact a nursing home lawyer in Memphis, TN promptly.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Nursing Home Lawyer?

This is a common concern people have about hiring a nursing home lawyer. They may worry that they can’t afford the legal fees. However, you’ll be relieved to know that most nursing home lawyers operate on a contingency basis. This means that you will not owe your lawyer any money unless you win your case.

Who Can File a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home?

In most cases, there are three parties that can file a lawsuit against a nursing home for abuse: the nursing home resident who suffered the abuse, the legal guardian of the nursing home resident and personal representative of the estate of the resident who died due to abuse.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Nursing home abuse cases can involve many complexities, so it’s best not to handle your lawsuit on your own. An experienced nursing home lawyer in Memphis, TN can thoroughly investigate your case and obtain necessary evidence from the nursing home. He or she will hold the nursing home accountable and improve your loved one’s chances of receiving fair compensation.

How Long Do I Have to Pursue a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit?

In Tennessee, the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is one year after the injury was discovered. After that deadline has passed, your family will no longer be eligible to receive compensation. That’s why it’s wise to take action as soon as possible.

What Damages Are Available in a Nursing Home Abuse Case?

If your family member suffered abuse in a nursing home, he or she may be eligible to receive several types of damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering and punitive damages. A skilled lawyer can help determine which damages your loved member may receive.

How Can I Obtain Nursing Home Records?

After you have hired a nursing home lawyer, he or she will be able to retrieve your family member’s nursing home records within a couple of days.

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