Elder Abuse LawUs proud Memphians hate it when our city becomes famous for the wrong things. But that’s exactly what happened over New Years weekend. The New York Times published an article on nursing home abuse in Memphis and across the US. Then they placed a photo of Allenbrooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Memphis right on the cover. And as a nursing home abuse attorney in Memphis, I can’t say it surprised me.

Allenbrooke, like thousands of other nursing homes in America, looks completely broke. These facilities claim to have no money for bedding, food, and other essential items. They pinch every penny.

In reality, though, the owners have plenty of funds. They’ve used them to pay themselves and their other businesses from the nursing home’s bank account. As a result, these facilities look and function as extremely poor, all while the owners get extremely rich.

How This Strategy Causes Nursing Home Abuse in Memphis

These large, for-profit companies outsource their nursing care to contractors – often to businesses they already own that they keep separate from the nursing home. As a result, no one takes full responsibility for the patients, which means fewer nurses and no accountability.

As the Times article puts it: “They have fewer nurses and aides per patient, they have higher rates of patient injuries and unsafe practices, and they are the subject of complaints almost twice as often as independent homes.”

And when something does go wrong, like in a case of serious nursing home abuse, it’s much harder to get justice. The nursing home looks poor and unable to pay anything in a lawsuit, while the other companies involved hold all the money. It can be very hard to hold those other companies responsible. In fact, the Times article suggests nursing home are doing this specifically to get out of paying for their abuse in court.

Lawyer for Nursing Home Abuse in Memphis

These companies will do anything to avoid big payouts. They don’t want to face you and your family in court. They dread a jury trial. And they certainly don’t want you to get a lawyer.

They’ll try to talk you out of it. They may even offer a settlement. And in the meantime, they continue to hurt people and even cause death. It’s so tragic, and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue in our city for one more day.

If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, please contact me today to discuss your options. We will provide your family with compassionate care as we demand justice. And together we can try to hold these companies accountable.

Contact me today. You’ll be glad you did.