Since Memphis has a record of being dangerous for pedestrians, Halloween and trick-or-treating can be a little risky. Here are a few simple tips for walking safely:

  • Go out early. The light will make it easier to see you.
  • Put reflective tape on the backs of your costumes and jackets to warn people of your presence. (You can buy this at Home Depot or other hardware stores).
  • Carry flashlights to help other people see you and to avoid falls.
  • Do not let children run ahead of you. Stay together as a group.
  • Use crosswalks and traffic lights. It sets a good example for your children and helps drivers.
  • Do not assume that drivers can see you, even with all these precautions. Be an aware lookout for your family – it can help you stay safe in general!

We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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