When you go to the emergency room for something as serious as poisoning, it’s crucial for doctors to treat you quickly and as effectively as possible. But in order for that to happen, they have to see you in the first place.

In one recent case in Brooklyn, a young woman went to the hospital for possible poisoning last May. She arrived there “conscious and alert” according to the New York Times. The emergency room staff gave her a strong sedative and tied her to the bed. No one she knew was aware of her presence at the hospital.

Her records – or rather the lack thereof – suggest she was left alone for over three hours that afternoon with no monitoring of her vital signs.

When she was found again, her heart was beating rapidly and she was foaming at the mouth. She became brain damaged, was placed on life support, and died less than a week after that.

The hospital in question is infamous in New York. This woman desperately needed someone to know she was there, to look out for her, to hold the staff accountable. Without that help, no one can seem to agree whether or not her death was avoidable.

If you’re ever in a similar situation, make sure to contact a close friend or relative and let them know where you are. If at all possible, you should never go to the hospital alone.

Keep an emergency contact in your wallet in case you’re ever unable to make that important call because of injury. Hopefully the hospital will care enough to call until they reach someone, unlike the team in Brooklyn.

And if you’re injured – or if, like in this terribly tragic case, a loved one is killed – contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to have your case investigated for malpractice or wrongful death. When hospital injury lawyers Memphis, TN knows and trusts from Darrell Castle & Associates takes your medical malpractice case, they’ll work with you to get the proper documentation.

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