Personal injury cases attempt to deal with situations in which someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing causes a person serious harm. While it often relates to physical harm, sometimes the damage can be psychological, too.

It should come as no surprise that some injuries are so traumatic they affect a person’s emotional well-being. After such events, the victim commonly needs help dealing psychologically with the aftermath. That process might include therapy and time away from work, both of which can be costly. Sometimes the devastating effects can be permanently traumatizing.

If you suspect you may have experienced emotional distress from an accident and will need treatment to recover, talk to your attorney about including it in your case.

You may have to prove that the traumatic experience caused, at least in part, the development of your symptoms. The other side’s insurance company and/or attorneys may want to know about your medical history and especially your mental health records. They might look into your substance abuse history, if any, and your employment history to see if the event in question really caused your distress.

Even if you’ve had a troubled past, your accident can exacerbate the problem and be partly responsible for your currently unstable condition. It’s always best to be open and honest with your own attorney, even about personal matters like mental health issues. Your attorney is on your side, and being honest will help them put the best case forward for you.

If you’ve been injured and worry that someone else’s actions or neglect have caused psychological harm, you should talk it over with an attorney. We can discuss your situation with you and let you know what we think your options may be. Contact us today (901-327-1212) to get started. The conversation is free.

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