A judge recently found TVA liable for the massive coal ash spill that devastated the Kingston area of Roane County, Tennessee, in 2008.

The spill flooded Kingston and its nearby Emory River with 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge right before Christmas. Along with other property, it destroyed entire homes and covered over 5 million cubic yards. While no one was killed in the spill, the slurry contained concentrated levels of mercury, arsenic, and benzene. It decimated local wildlife and put people’s health at great risk.

It also appears to have been preventable.

U.S. Dist. Judge Thomas Varlan says TVA was negligent in their behavior and liable for the damage done. Poor design and improper maintenance of the facility allowed in part for the tragic spill to take place.

As the nation’s largest public utility, TVA serves the Memphis community via MLGW. Now it’s going to face around 800 plaintiffs who all believe they were affected by the spill. At a minimum, each plaintiff has to prove in court that particles from the spill entered their property.

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