Since pools can be particularly dangerous – especially for children who are at particular risk of drowning – they receive special attention in premises liability cases. They can be considered an “attractive nuisance,” meaning that pool owners might be held responsible for injuries if their pool is not safeguarded well to prevent intruders from trespassing and using the property unsafely.

Pool injuries may be caused and worsened by a variety of problems, including:


    • Equipment malfunctions, like poorly constructed diving boards
    • Insufficient maintenance by the owner, like not cleaning out drains
    • Too many harmful chemicals added to the water
    • Lack of adult supervision
    • Unmarked water depths
    • Lack of first aid available
    • Doors or fences to the pool being left open or ajar
    • and more.


In general it’s the property owners’ responsibility to safeguard their swimming pool as much as they possibly can. Anything less could be seen as negligence; and when it comes to pools, even the slightest negligence can cause serious injury and even death.

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