What is a landlord or property owner’s responsibility in keeping the premises safe? If you are injured because of a property, how do you know if you might have a premises liability case? In this video, Memphis premises liability attorney Darrell Castle offers some answers.


What responsibility does my landlord have in keeping the property safe?

A landlord has to keep unreasonably dangerous conditions from developing on his property.

What is an unreasonably dangerous condition? Well, it might be something that has to be determined by a jury or court; but people can usually agree on what is unreasonably dangerous.

An example might be:

Let’s say the landlord had construction going on his property, and it’s a common tenant area, where tenants commonly walk, and someone forgot to cover up one of the holes and left it exposed and a tenant walked into it at night and injured himself – that might be one.

If a landlord had a building with stairs and tenants had to walk up the stairs to get to their apartment, and he left the handrail broken; or if the steps were broken and had been broken for quite some time and the landlord had been notified and just didn’t fix them, so somebody stepped on a weak step and fell through – that might be one.

I’ve had many other landlord/tenant cases like that that go into all different kinds of issues, but that’s essentially what a landlord is expected to do.

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