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Investigating Blood Filter Injuries 

Memphis, TN, 10/23/15 —
Memphis personal injury law firm Darrell Castle & Associates is accepting cases related to recoverable IVC filters, which are implanted in the veins to filter blood for patients at risk of blood clots in the lower extremities. Attorney Darrell Castle is taking clients injured by IVC filters, effective immediately.

The temporary vascular filters are designed and marketed by Bard Peripheral Vascular and Cook Group Incorporated. Their high failure
rate has been well documented: one study showed at least 40% failure within 5 years. Another study showed the filter designed by pharmaceutical company Cook, called the Cook Celect® Platinum Vena Cava Filter, had a 100% failure rate within 71 months.

When the filters fail, fracture, or break, they may migrate through the veins and cause internal bleeding, severe chest pain, spinal pain, and death through the puncturing of internal organs. Retrieval may require open heart surgery, kidney or lung surgery, or surgery on the vascular system.

“The failure rate has been extraordinarily high,” says attorney Darrell Castle. “These things are crippling and killing people, and there’s
reason to believe the companies have known about it.”

Founded in 1984, Memphis area personal injury firm Darrell Castle & Associates has represented plaintiffs for numerous pharmaceutical injury cases, including cases against Yaz®/Yasmin®, NuvaRing®, Tylenol®, and medical devices such as hip replacements. The firm received the Martindale-Hubbell® Client Distinction Award in April 2013 for responsiveness and quality in serving Memphis area

Anyone with a recoverable filter implanted who needed surgery to remove part or all of the product may contact Darrell Castle immediately at 901-327-1212 or by email at info(at) Additionally, the firm seeks anyone with a filter still implanted who has experienced internal bleeding, severe chest pain, spinal pain, or the need for heart, kidney, lung, or vascular (vein) surgery.

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Memphis law firm Darrell Castle & Associates PLLC is accepting cases related to recoverable IVC filters used to filter blood. Anyone who has had a filter implanted and required surgery on the heart, kidneys, lungs, or veins may contact attorney Darrell Castle immediately to discuss their options.

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