If you’ve been out and about in Memphis this year, you have heard the words Uber and Lyft. These ridesharing services are becoming increasingly popular and provide a cheap way for people to hitch a ride after a night out. Some even use it as their main mode of transportation, taking the service to and from work.

But what happens if your Ubercar is in a wreck?

Who’s responsible and liable for any injury that you incur?

Chances are, not your driver’s insurance company. Although many policies differ in coverage, critics of the program say that auto insurance companies see their covered drivers as a ‘driver for profit’ deeming their coverage null in the instance of a wreck during a rideshare.

This is only one instance of the increased scrutiny that rideshare companies have come under fire for. At the forefront, traditional cab services are slamming them, saying that safety and trustworthiness of individual drivers could put patrons at risk of danger.

The rideshare services claim to complete background checks through third parties and can exceed what’s required of taxi drivers. The Driver Applicants are screened for driving history and a criminal records check is run, which includes county and state level databases, as well as the national sex offender registry. However, reporters in Chicago have claimed to successfully identify drivers as ex-cons through an undercover investigation which is documented on their affiliate site.

What If I’m Hurt During a Rideshare?

Emotions, Physical Ability and Logic all come into play when you have been in an auto accident. To remain calm and help you focus, take a look at this downloadable car accident checklist. This guide will allow you to take proper steps in focusing on safety and procedure without faltering or admitting guilt in any situation.

A qualified auto accident attorney can help you avoid any rideshare pitfalls you may come across as you deal with insurance companies and muddle through the process of creating an insurance claim or receiving care.

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