Why So Many Seniors Are Afraid of Nursing Homes

A recent study has shown that seniors fear being placed in a nursing home more than death. 89% of seniors polled would like to age in place – maintaining their independence in their own homes – but 53% worry about their ability to do so.

Factors they say might prevent them from keeping their independence as they age include:

  • health problems
  • memory problems
  • inability to drive / get around

Baby boomers and adult children looking after their aging parents also fear nursing homes. 82% of those polled fear for their loved one’s safety and level of care at a nursing home. 89% fear their loved ones will become depressed or sad in a nursing home.

Technology and Safety Considerations at Nursing Homes

The study focused in part on whether these seniors would consider new technology to help them remain at home independently. Technology might include sensors to monitor certain aspects of their health or mobility.

65% of seniors said they would be open to the idea. Half of baby boomers are interested in these technologies, but only 14% have pursued technology as a solution for monitoring their loved one’s care.

There’s also been a growing debate around putting filming devices in nursing homes to monitor a person’s safety. We recently wrote an article about where and in what situations this might be legal.

The study did leave out one important factor: in-home care, which is a growing alternative to nursing homes. With the advent of remote work and so many apps and services to help make home deliveries and care services possible, this can be a great solution for struggling families.

It’s also important we find other solutions to make nursing homes safer. One way our firm does this is by holding them accountable when abuse and mistreatment happen.

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyHelp to Fight Back Against Unsafe Nursing Homes

We work with families who have been injured by nursing homes and their staff members to bring the perpetrators to justice. We fight back against abuse, assault, negligence, and financial exploitation.

If your loved one has been injured by nursing home abuse or by neglect in a nursing home, we’re here to help.

Our nursing home injury lawyers in Memphis will investigate your case and give you the assistance you need and deserve after such a traumatic experience.

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