Last week, CNN released one of the most comprehensive investigations I’ve ever seen on rape and sexual abuse in nursing homes.

The report describes terror inflicted on patients in nursing homes across America. It shows a severe lack of oversight by authorities at the facilities and by the US government.

It’s a complex issue that will require complex solutions. As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Memphis, I’ve seen this problem persist for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of vetting for new employees against mental illness and criminal history
  • Inability of victims to communicate their abuse
  • Refusal of administrators to take victims’ claims seriously
  • Failure by law enforcement and/or state authorities to prosecute
  • Attempts by facility management to cover up abuse scandals

And each of these problems will require their own solutions. But in the meantime, what in the world can be done to stop sexual abuse in nursing homes?

I’ve seen one solution work better than most any other: civil court.

Claims against a nursing home for sexual abuse can do two things:

  1. Compensate the victim and their family
  2. Punish and even prevent similar attacks in the future

While the compensation will never make up for the damage done, it does have the power to deter crimes in the future. Sexual abuse claims can bring down the most dangerous facilities and make nursing homes safer for everyone.

What a tragedy that so many facilities don’t seem to care about our loved ones until it becomes expensive for them. When I see that, it makes my blood boil. But then I get to work. I fight for justice for the families they’ve terrorized.

We have a long way to go before our culture voluntarily treats elders with the love and respect they deserve. Until then, we’ll have to demand it.

Lawyer for Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes

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